Saturday, May 27, 2006

Rotten iPod, rotten Apple!

It freaked me out real bad when my iPod got hung that day. It's been working fine since.
The other day a colleague of mine asked me how to switch on his iPod which had blacked out for no apparent reason. I couldn't help.

Then I read this article, Is your iPod one of the bad Apples?

Apple, like most other manufacturers, refuses to accept responsibility for repairs even when machines break down within weeks of expiry of the one-year warranty.
Well, iPod is cool and all that, and the sound quality is amazing, but I have been hearing complaints. I never expected that Apple will disregard its customers. If apple wants to please it's cult follower, and they want to, they must relook at the warranty policy of iPod. Afterall iPod now forms a major chunk of Apple revenue, and profits.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A warranty is what it is. If it's a year long, it means the manufacturer is pretty confident of its product. If something only comes with a 30 or 60-day warranty, you know they don't expect it to last long.

Having said that, if you have a year warranty, then a year and a day later, you're out of luck. They have to draw the line somewhere. If they let one guy have a repair at a year and three weeks, then the next guy can expect one at a year a six weeks, and sooner or later, what's the point of a warranty at all?

It's arbitrary, but if it's the same for everyone, it's fair. If they start making exceptions for this person or that one, THEN it's not fair.

29/5/06 11:04 PM  

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