Friday, September 01, 2006

Toilet Cam and Toilet paper for the rich!

One of the Classic Consumer research case study was when a Toilet Paper company was finding it ways to make people use more paper, since the market was becoming dormant. One innovative Marketer Put cameras in the Toilet to study the behaviour and usage pattern of Toilet paper Roll Users. What was revealed was that people liked to read News paper in the Toilet, but majority of the sample only read the comic Strips. Now if one were print comic strips on the toilet roll, the user would keep pulling out the Roll from the Toilet Paper Holder, and once out it would be used. Sales almost doubled just after the launch. Now, with the that story is already passe. What more innovations can one come up with to squeeze a little more out of Toilet paper users.

Serve the Super Rich. The rich and famous do not wipe their butts with dollar bills. Renova Toilet paper rolls has come up with premium toilet paper rolls for the rich and the famous. Renova toilet paper rolls come in four colors, are said to be soft and silky, and more importantly, cost enough to make you feel special. It's $13 to $20 for a three-pack. But do they come in Gold Studded Toilet Paper Holders?[via digg]

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