Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why Google Will Dominate the world!

Read this convincing post by Rich Skrenta.

Points like:

Google is the start page for the Internet.
(Maybe we switch on the computer and instead of windows starting up we can expect Google Starting up)

Google's CPMs are $90-120, vs. $4-5 for an average browse page view elsewhere.
(That is the ad on google serach results page againts other websites like this blog)

How zero switching costs paradoxically yield a winner-take-all market.
( This one is interesting. If switching cost were zero, since u only have type the url to switch between Google and a new Search engine, won't it be easy for someone to just switch the moment better search engine comes along? Not quite!!)

Brand Perception, "users who see Google's logo on top of Yahoo's results perceive the results to be of higher quality; users looking at Google's results with Yahoo's logo on top view them as having less relevance."

Yahoo Could make an extra $ 1.5 Billions by partnering Adwords.
(Ego should never mix with business eh!)

Microsoft isn't a player online any more than IBM is..??
( This was Nice... IBM?)

All Hail the New King Google.. But Of Course.. I have always agreed :)


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