Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why Apple's iPhone will Sell!

iPod earpin is great, gives out amazing sound. But is it as good as Sony ear plugs? Perhaps yes, perhaps not, I am not sure. It sure is not the iPod earpin that makes iPod such a hot cake. It is just another portable mp3 player, though with a cult-attracting design, and it is the design that sells the iPod. Not just the looks, but the User Interface. The Apple UI is intuitive. It responds to you. It is also Different.

When Apple launched the iPhone, I dismissed it as a desperate attempt at riding on the success of the iPod, and they Apple will just about sell enough iPhones just from the spillover effect of the iPod Brand.

What more innovation can you add to Mobile Phone. Nokia and Sony-Ericsson have tried all there is. Blackberry have filled the gap that Nokia left out.

All that iPhone has to offer, we already have, with multi-billion branding efforts to back them. What is new that iPhone is offering?

Then I saw the iPhone launch video closely only recently. And then I remembered this post by Kathy Sierra at HeadRush. About the Dog ear User Experience Model, of how great animators and good animators can be different. When a Dog Jumps to catch a frisbee, and stops mid air to catch that frisbee, her ear will keep going.. Follow Through.

The UI designers at Apple realised this, and I could see it at the Iphone launch video..(which I will post here tonight). You can actually push the screen, drag a menu, and the iPhone will just follow you.

MP3 Players are as generic as it can get. Store MP3 music, play it from the play list, maybe toggle ( Apple Shuffled it).

Mobile phones are much less generic, and with such an UI, and if the software don't get hung as much as symbian (I trust Apple with that), iPhone is a sure winner. Expect iPhone to exceed the sales of iPod in the near future.

The iPhone UI will actually speak to you, feel you.
Half the feature in my Nokia is left unused, because it is slow, get hung mostly, and not easily accessible.. The mother-child Folder is so very legacy now...
Apple intuitive UI will rule Mobile Phones.
Move over Nokia...

When is it comming to India???

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