Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NTPC Airs Wind Energy

Vinod Midas Khosla maynot think that wind might be as good a moneyt spinner as Solar Thermal power plants, but PSU giant NTPC is looking at wind energy when it decided to diversify its power portfolio. NTPC might have been looking at Suzlon and the Likes and their stock prices, but Solar thermal plants would have made more long term economic sense.

Solar thermal Power plants use concentrated solar heat, much the way kids use a lens to burn papers. It uses millions of mirrors to focus solar ray to produce heat which will produce steam to turn turbines.

I have read about a smelting furnace somewhere in France. Couldn't google it just now.[Oh here it is ]My school project was multiple mirror solar cooker. My dream have been to concentrate wind power by using the concept of nozzle, as a school inventor :)

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