Sunday, August 26, 2007

Monica Medi jail nude Pictures have been banned

The supreme court has banned Nude Pictures of Monica Bedi, taken while Monica was lodged in a jail, to be telecasted on TV and other media.
The Supreme Court barred the media on Friday from showing nude photographs of former actress Monica Bedi, said to have been taken by a camera hidden in the bathroom of the jail where she was imprisoned over a forgery case.[Source]

The scandal starved Media would have shown it anyway, but it is good that the supreme court is stopping it. But will the supreme court be able to stop some website from posting it on the net, on some torrent site or download site.

There are many websites that posts torrent links or such movie clips for downloads. By banning it, people must bu now be frantically searching for the said videos, and people who would want to view the pictures or videos would have had it anyway.

But, Who would have filmed someone in the jail bathroom?


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