Monday, June 11, 2007

Hottest weekend of my life.

Saturday was to be the hottest ever delhi in the past two years. And this was my first summer in delhi.

Give a good reason for not wanting to pack and run.
I was virtually roasted. The AC had to be tripped on Friday night, which was spent fuming over the AC company. Waited for the AC guy for whole saturday, yeah I experienced the heat, and i just waited and waited, and he came at 6 pm. Apparently the heat had caused some short circuiting, How I wouldn't now.

I took out all the DVDs i had and stayed the rest of the weekend home. The movies were the only high part. Oh the Fosters gave good company.

I reran, Akira's RAN, Fellini's La Strada, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and watched Casablanca for the n'th time. Couldn't finish Omar Mukhtar or the bit of work that I brought home.


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