Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mahinda Renault Logan

Saw the New Logan yesterday on the road. It looks very ordinary for a newly launched car. I wouldn't want to buy it.

Been thinking of going for a diesel car, what with my car giving 10-11 kms with the AC on in the delhi heat.

Then I did a little maths, and found that paying a couple of lakhs or about on a diesel car don't make as good an economic sense as we percieve. [I am not taking about the Logan here which is not too expensive]. I was comparing Verna Diesel and Petrol. 1.5 lakhs is about 3500 more on the EMI. Driving 1000 KMs a months, diesel would only save you as much... So it is the same after all.... :)


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Anonymous Arjun Narayan said...

Very valid point. This is the same kind of analysis which I did before I switched from petrol to diesel. Diesel makes sense if you are driving atleast 50 kms a day and the extra money you pay for it is justified only if you clock atleast 30,000 kms before you decide to sell of the vehicle. I did this calculation multiple times before I switched to diesel and thankfully it worked out. I have owned a Hyundai Accent CRDI for a year and 1/2 now and it has done 35,000 kms.

And the point you said about Logan is true .. ugly duckling. I never bothered checking out the vehicle to gather any more information about it. Same applies for the entire TATA stable as well *No offence here*

23/5/07 1:02 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

Surprisingly, the Logan and the Indigo looked like it came from the same stable.. [:)]

Why don't the TATAs just outsource the design to some IOtalian firm.... EVen the Japanese can design CARs for god's sake

24/5/07 6:57 AM  

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