Friday, May 25, 2007

DLF will Join IPO Boom afterall!

With the stock markets Up and then down, and then up. And soothsayers sayers, both bears and bull, giving their verdict only after each climb or slide, but never before.

It is as if the World Economy changes overnight. One week the fundamentals are very strong, the next week the markets are overheated. One week, we see nothing wrong in the sustained correction, the other week, the market is beating the trend.
I should I should also become a market analyst.
They never seem to go wrong, because they always do posts analysis.

It made DLF, the largest real estate major real worried. DLF have been mulling with the IPO for ages now, but the market always go the wrong way, there is a correction, and then the real easte stocks also took a beating. Last few weeks have been good, and now DLF don't want to wait.

They are comming with a 2 Billion Dollars Plus issue. 8750 to 9625 crore to be precise. 500 to 550 per share. All the best to you all.

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