Friday, June 29, 2007

Infosys Wants CapGemini

Just the Kind of news I want to hear.
Music to my ears.
And the Top Indian IT services Companies, on account of better delivery models, better Human resources(the high attrition not withstanding, which is good and shows that the sector is VERY healthy) and cost effective solutions, are today much more valuable than the US or European Counterparts in terms of Profitablity, and Market Caps Obviously.

I had predicted that it won't be too far off when Indian IT Cos Bid for 3X their size US and European Counterparts. I thought that TCS with the TATA's experience of LBOs would be the first to move, but Infosys seemed to have taken the first step here.

Take it on Infy...

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

How To Get Aquired By Google

The guys explain how they did it. About 6 months back Crosby and Walker arrived at Mountain View, rented a small apartment, and started coding Zenter, and was acquired by google. * Don't focus on getting acquired. That's like being a single woman who desperately wants to get married. Of course you want it to happen, but 99% of the time if you purposely try to get acquired (or married), it won't. "Stick to your knitting," says Paul Graham, a founding partner of Y Combinator, the startup factory that funded Zenter. "The way to get acquired really fast is to not focus on it. If people get the impression that you want to get bought, you won't." * Instead, focus on the user. This is possibly the single most important thing for entrepreneurs to remember. "Every startup that dies fails to do this," Graham says. "A lot of startups focus on their competitors or lawsuits, but what really kills startups is if users think it's boring. It's a much quieter and dangerous reason, but if users don't care about your product, that will just kill a company." * Ignoring limitations lets you tackle problems from a different angle. It's not enough to just build an existing offline product (ie. Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) and port it onto the web. Zenter looked at how they could build a slideshow application that really takes advantage of the Internet, like adding community slideshows, delivering presentations online in real-time and dragging and dropping content from the web into a presentation. * Don't be afraid to tackle the giants. Big companies like eBay (EBAY) and Microsoft (MSFT) may have more manpower and financial resources, but they also have disadvantages. A company like Zenter doesn't care about hurting Windows. All they want to do is make the best application." * Pay attention to the details. When your product is 80% done, that means you have another 80% to go. "To get something pretty close is easy, but you need to concentration on the little things. * Have a really understanding spouse. Crosby's wife was four months preggers when he left to join the Y Combinator startup school in Mountain View. "She was extremely patient through the whole process.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Elgato Turbo.264 Graphics Accelerator: First Look

CHECK OUT THE The Unofficial Apple Weblog, TUAW'S first look review of Elgato's external h.264 encoder, the Turbo.264.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hotel Industry Boom Awaited!

Real Estate Boom or Bubble not withstanding, that there is a huge scarcity of hotel rooms in India is a big fact, and is here to stay for a long time. No wonder everyone is investing, from Mphasis' Jerry Rao, to Mallya to Ex BPL's Chandrasekhar.

Ideally, Hoteliers like Bharat Hotels', ITCs, the Tata's and of course Leela's should be leading the pack, but why does the sector seem subdued.. We don't hear too much noise. Perhaps building and selling off rooms, read apartments, seem more logical at the moment then b uying land at huge prices and own the rooms.

The hotel industry will not see a huge spike untill the real estate industry cools off, me thinks.

Be following the hotel industry closely.... there is money to be made..

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Hottest weekend of my life.

Saturday was to be the hottest ever delhi in the past two years. And this was my first summer in delhi.

Give a good reason for not wanting to pack and run.
I was virtually roasted. The AC had to be tripped on Friday night, which was spent fuming over the AC company. Waited for the AC guy for whole saturday, yeah I experienced the heat, and i just waited and waited, and he came at 6 pm. Apparently the heat had caused some short circuiting, How I wouldn't now.

I took out all the DVDs i had and stayed the rest of the weekend home. The movies were the only high part. Oh the Fosters gave good company.

I reran, Akira's RAN, Fellini's La Strada, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and watched Casablanca for the n'th time. Couldn't finish Omar Mukhtar or the bit of work that I brought home.


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Friday, June 08, 2007

Is India's Inflation Wrong?

Via Rediff:

Some economists assert that India's method of calculating inflation is wrong as there are serious flaws in the methodologies used by the government.

Economists V Shunmugam and D G Prasad working with India's largest commodity bourse -- the Multi Commodity Exchange -- have come out with a research paper arguing that the government urgently needs to shift the method of calculating inflation.

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