Tuesday, January 29, 2008

42nd Plastic Surgery For Brazilian Model

Brazilian model and carnival star,Angela Bismarchi, is getting ready for the upcoming 5 day Carnival blowout in RIO real hard. She wants to have a beautifully scuplted body for the carnival, and sculpted she had, 4 times already since she was 21. She is 36 now.

For the carnival she will have her 42nd plastic surgery, on her way to beating the guiness world record of 47 Plastics surgery.

For this carnival, which has an Asian theme, she will make her eyes slant.

Much more about her here


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Blogger Edgar Dantas said...

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10/4/08 3:18 PM  
Anonymous Canadian Freebies Guru said...

To be honest I think she looks very artificial. Would rather see a natural 36 year old woman ;)

4/5/08 12:54 AM  
Anonymous Toiletbrain said...

Glad to see the plastic surgery obsession is expaning globally! Some of the women

11/8/08 8:35 PM  

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