Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Movie

OK lemme review a movie..One of my friends wrote in our egroups that one who who doesn't write reviews for a living do so only on two conditions. The movie have to so good that he/she wants to spread the good news so everyone may enjoy or the movie had to be so god awful that he/shefeels a need to protect the masses from the assault on their senses by the travesty pretending to be a movie, in her words.So well put, Tarangini!!( she shredded a movie ‘The Wedding Date’ in front of maybe a thousand alumni, may god bless the movie)Chill now, I am writing this review, or maybe its not a review, Not for the awful reason. Its for the former.Well I don't have word to say how nice the movie was. Well I was sitting up for half time or more. I just could sit properly and my left hand was ever ready to throw that punch. And my jaw was hurting when I saw Russel Gladiator Crowe getting the blows too. yeah, I m talking about Cinderella Men.It thoroughly put my mind into a such a disarray, I went and bought the VCDs of Rocky . Mien gott, i had enjoyed Rocky so much as a kid, but after watching Cinderella Men, Rocky looked more like a play Boxing. Cinderella Men was a genre of its kind. My friend who went with me( he might be reading this now) kept saying that Boxing must be banned. He felt that bad, not the movie but what the movie was doing to him. The boxing scenes were superb, and I kick myself for not having seeen the movie earlier. The title wasn't too macho, and cinderella men. i thought i wouldbe a queer movie. How wrong I was?I realise what America had to go through to become what they are today. It depicted the great Depression so bl$#dy well. The growth of the America, i believe, is more to do with the collective dread of such a depression repeating again. I believed America worked so hard, and made all the measures so as not to repeat such a thing again and in doing so made the great AMerica of Today. Seeing the movie, when the protagonist's kids had to go hungry, i was suddenly glad I am not married. I mean at such a condition, it would be oh so difficult. I suddenly want to save money. And i suddenly realise the wisdom of my parents buying Agricultural land and keeping a whole year's stock of Rice. We will never go hungry. The movie was such a rude shock. I will surely start keeping some money out of the Stocks.At least in india the danger of the cold won't be there. the depression was follwed by the cold winter where they needed electricity to heat the room and when they couldn't pay for the electricity and power cut off leaving three kids in the cold. It just was heart wrenching. My freind said,"at least we don't have the cold in india".ALl the while we were watching the movie, we were actually living in it. We lived the Sorrows as much as the Joy when Russel Crowe become the world champ. I was virtually boxing and was on my best alert. It just was too good. And my my, Renée Zellweger delivered too well. I sure would love my wife to be like her. I don't want to do an injuustice to those who haven't watched it by telling the story but the story just was superb.The pain that parents went through, the hunger. And when Renee said, "everytime you take a punch, i feel like I am taking the punch and I am not half as tough as you are"She also delivered her punches well. there just were too many memorable scenes. Go and see for yourself..Liked it better than Million dollar baby.Russel Crowe RocksNet net, anybody who didn't like this Movie.. I pity Him/her.A must watch for everyone..

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Blogger Kaps said...

Have heard good things about this movie. plan to see it sometime in the near future.

7/10/05 9:47 AM  

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