Sunday, May 14, 2006

The UnGoogleables..

There was a time when I felt pride in the fact that Googling my name threw up more than 50 results, and then the realisation struck that I was not private anymore. Anybody wanting to know about me can just google in my name, lo and behold! I am all there, naked. Blogging in my real name( even though I use only the first name, references to my blog with my full name) etc etc have made me more public. I can't do a Ctrl+Z to undo. But there is a tribe of people, The UnGoogleables, whose details you will find hard to find on the Internet. They only make their online presence under pseudonyms and even when they spoke to Wired News, it was only on condition that their names be changed for this story.

These unGoogleables don't post online, blog, publish or build web pages using their own names. They're careful about revealing information to businesses, belong to few organizations that can leak personal data, and never submit online résumés -- all common ways that Google captures your data. [ Full Story ]

So!!!!!! Be careful of what you write, and even where you visit, while on the net.

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Blogger Casablanca said...

Seee? That is why I prefer to remain anonymous ;)

14/5/06 2:37 PM  

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