Sunday, May 14, 2006

Google Click Fraud Settlement!

I blogged about the google Click fraud Settlement of $ 90 million, sometime in march. Now, it seems like the settlement isn't that easy after all.

Lawyers representing several Internet search advertisers who use Google's AdWords service have filed suit hoping to block a proposed $90 million settlement over allegations of click fraud. The plaintiffs claim that the settlement does not adequately compensate those affected.[read full article]

Google has a lot of fraud prevention techniques and the list of do's and don'ts of google adsense is so long you will fall asleep midway. But click frauds do occur and it will be difficult to prevent it, as with most criminal activities. The criminal mind always work a little ahead of the Prevention measures. Antivirus will always work after the virus have done their worth of damage. And so, to proactively deal with such activities, one has to come up all the possibilities of a fraud, which is not very easy. So google will continue to face click frauds. It is part of the business. What is also a part of the business is that it is the advertsers who will continue to pay for the fraudulent clicks. It is a part of the pay-per-click model and even pay per impression models cannot escape it. For the time being, google will contonue to fight it, and Adsense conmen will continue to con the algorithm..

But I observed another thing about adsense and adwords today. In the above linked article, which is from a news-site that runs adsense on it's website, I observed that adsense with its algorithm of relevant ads, threw up ads about "Asbestos lawsuit". Now, asbestos Lawsuit and asbestos are two of the more expensive keywords on the google adwords program about which I blogged here. One of the reasons asbestos lawsuit is an expensive keyword is because of the huge settlements on the asbestos class actions lawsuit, and the money made by lawyers on the same, because of which lawyers and sites offering advice on the same get a good conversion ratio from the visitors, and hence the high price, as high as 20-30 dollars. If Somebody were to run a click bot or any other of the fraudulent mechanism on such keywords, it would prove to be a very costly affair to the keyword buyers :-)


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