Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pork Ribs Rack at Ruby Tuesday

I used to relish those salad buffet at Ruby Tuesday.
When I was staying near malad, it was either the salad at Ruby Tuesday or Subway's Tuna Salad that I had most often. I wanted to try out the rack of tender Pork Ribs, but somehow, those salad greens always get the better of me.. I am a little passionate about Healthy food, that taste good too. Greasy Pork Ribs was the exact opposite of a Salsa flavored Lettuce and corns and Small Chunks of Chicken too :-) . Not that I don't like Ribs, they used to be my favorite. Oh those greasy Grilled Ribs, Atrium, The Park Hotel, Kolkata were heavenly. Complete with mashed Potatoes, and fried Onions. I used to have it at least once a week...

But with all those grease accumulating in rather odd places, where the situation had gone so bad I had to keep away my Nicer Tees, and start wearing Stripped Shirts, I saw divinity (of the Greek kinds) in Salads.

Yesterdat at the Nariman Point Ruby Tuesday, After a couple of draughts, I gave in to the temptation of the Grease.
And I ordered a rack of the afore mentioned Ribs.

I didn't like it at all..
It was nothing like the Succulent, Greasy kind that I was so fond of.
Maybe this was more American that the Park, but then America's only gift to the Culinary world have been the Big Mac and maybe KFC.

The onion rings tasted better than the ribs.
The meat was tender, but it had no flavor.
If you like the imported ribs at Ruby Tuesday, visit the Atrium next time you are in Kolkata, and see which you like better. You will want to come back for more, if you are of the kind who don't care much about the waistline.. And the Ribs aren't imported... and not too tender either.. But they are awesome...

Well, the loaded Cheese fries at the Ruby Tuesday was a totally different matter though.
They sure are good in quickie food...

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