Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blog Traffic for 100$

Via this link, I came across an Interesting ...thing today.

During my sales stint as a management trainee, I wanted to make a difference.
I wanted to be a Super Star Performer, and I did all kinds of things in my quest for a short cut.
I took little heed to our CEO who rightly said in one of his sermons, " The longest way to your destination is the Short cut", whoever he was quoting was very true.

I didn't know that then, and I searched the internet for that elixir, for that Sales Alchemist.
Wading through various, secrets of Advertising, secrets of sales, overcome the fear of Cold calling and I came across a site which sells an ebook on how to set up such ebooks, who promo sites I was going through. There must be some suckers who might have actually bought those e-books. I still read the newsletters, for they made interesting reads some times... All in bold and highlights and bright colored texts.

I found another promo site today.
The same modus operandi.
Those long single pagers with bolds and key words repeated maybe a hundred times.
The writer/publisher either bought one of the ebooks I mentioned above or she was too inspired by it.

For 109$s you will learn how to entice visitors to your website. You will be flooded with visitors if you implement whatever is written in the ebook, and if it fails, she will do it herself.

She even has a Blog, that attracts 500-1000 visitors a day... WOW....

Well, how about a 100000 visitors Madame.
I got more than 3000 referal hits with the mere mention of Gauhar Khan and Carol Gracias.
In her teaser site, she mentions memes and tags and backlinks, which most bloggers already knows.

Her blog is what she uses as an example, and she has some key words which gets her website on first search pages of google and other search engines.

What I noticed on her site is that she repeats the said key words several times, in Bold.
She has something the following tag cloud like thing ( not a tag cloud but the search words in what she calls the Grid) ( It is a part of the same)
Free traffic, free traffic tips, web traffic tips, free traffic increasing, traffic to blog, traffic for blog, free web traffic, free traffic to my site, free traffic to web site, free traffic resources, get free traffic on my website, website traffic blog, blog create free SEO traffic, blog cash, free internet traffic, get free traffic, get free traffic to my site, getting free traffic, get traffic to blog, get blog traffic, how to get free traffic, how to get web traffic, how to get internet traffic, how to get traffic to website, get free web traffic, course free traffic, increase traffic blog, increase traffic to blog, how do I get traffic to my blog

And the same word are repeated several times, which is perhaps the site gets a good page rank. And as she claims, these are within the limits of Google's permissible Traffic baiting tactics..

I just wanted to see if I also get to the first page on the said keywords she have used...This is only a test post. Checking whether this keywords actually works..Don't panic.

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I really enjoy reading your blog, if i were you i would go to and submit this blog and let thousands of others see it for free. well, i look forward to all the updates. thanks again'


2/5/06 11:03 AM  

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