Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Market just got rational!!

Just a week back I recommended buying Nifty Put options for april, if only uou had listened !!!

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Anonymous King Kong said...

yep but I still think it is good time to be invested.. there are some stocks like Sterlite optics, Jindal Steel and others that have started to move up.. I do think sensex had gone up too much too fast and it will take some time to digest it. Also some of the todays blast will have a effect on FII's but there is too much money with people everywhere from US to India and that money does not serves it purpose if it is kept in back.. It has gone in gold, oil but again it will come to stocks. It will be fun month and an exciting year to watch... If US is ok and USD is ok nothing is going to stop Indian markets.

15/4/06 2:17 AM  

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