Tuesday, May 09, 2006

IPS Officer, Sir!

I am a Good Boss..
I have always been nice to subordinates, and have shared a joke or two too many with everyone, from the Door keeper to my immediate subordinates( Thank God I am in a Flat Structure now).

And I am not saying that an SI can't become an IAS officer, it is very much possible and it happened recently too. But unlike my organisation, the goverenment servants follow a rather heirarchal structure, with a subordinate calling his/her boss as Sir, or Madame.
Now, the superior officer of erstwhile Delhi Police Sub-Inspector Pranav Kumar, whom till only recently he addressed as Sir will now address him as Sir Pranav Kumar, or is it Pranav Kumar Sir, since he was not Knighted.

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Blogger Soumyadip said...

In India kighthood is not a prerequisite of prefixing 'Sir.' Though the suffix practice is more prevalent, the knight-style is also in.

It's always better to work in an irganisation that doesn't demand sir-calling, especially if you are new and the organisation huge. There's no clue about who’s above or below you in the hierarchy.

In the Bengali dominated government offices in Shillong (and maybe at many other places as well), the suffix 'babu' is attached to everyone’s name irrespective of the seniority (the very young and the peons excluded) and the connotation is not what Indian English dictionaries would like us to believe.

10/5/06 3:34 PM  
Blogger Bobby Maisnam said...

Nice post. And my congratulations to Mr. Pranab Kumar. I am sure his parents must be very proud of him.

11/5/06 12:29 PM  

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