Saturday, May 13, 2006

Skype phone Vs Nokia Gtalk

Close on the heels of Netgear's announcement that it would begin accepting pre-orders for its Skype Wi-Fi phone, there is news that Nokia and Google plan to announce a version of Nokia's Internet tablet device that comes preinstalled with the Google Talk.

The skype phone might retail at a price of $249.99 USD, and would allow for free Skype calling, as well as calls to landline and mobile phones, over both secured and open Wi-Fi networks.

The Nokia device might be priced around $390 and would allow for voice conversations and instant messaging on the device, which uses a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the Internet.

Google and ebay, apart, the hardware vendors should do well not to restrict themself to skype or gtalk, but rather make the device compatible to all VOIP services.

On the same lines, I was thinking why haven't any small time entrepreneur thought of a wireless device, like the cordless phone to speak on Skype or Gtalk. It is really a pain to sit near the laptop to talk, if the talk goes on for hours. A cordless, or handfree device would be great hit, and it can sold via ebay and numerous other websites. A little venture fund, a Chinese manufacturer, and Web partnerships would bring in a quick Million or two. It would be a short term business venture though, unless one were to be able to make it a style statement and create a cult brand around it( which is unlikely since the use of the same will be restricted to indoors unlike iPod). Just a few cents short of a Million Dollar thought. Whatsay!!

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