Saturday, September 16, 2006

Grafitti Marketing and Bean Bags

If you are from Mumbai, or if you have been to Mumbai, chances are that you have seen the word bean bags, with a phone number beneath it, sprayed across flyover construction sites, culverts, Tin fench (those that enclose a road construction area).

Hats off to the person who started this Idea.
This is advertising at its best and a classic execution of Grafitti Marketing.

OK, I didn't invent the term Grafitti Marketing, and when I googled it, it threw up some interesting results. It talks about using Mural Paintings and using street art in outdoor advertising. But I felt that, what this Bean Bag traders have done is give Grafitti Marketing a new meaning.

Wait, the Grafitti above was photoshoped by me, since I didn't have a real picture of what I am talking. They won't splash a grafitti so carelessly across a public property. These people are quite careful. They don't usually deface public wall, and choose their board very carefully. Like a tin drum lying near a road construction visible to everyone, but not quite a public property, or a Tin enclosement which usually is a temporay wall. At worse, I have seen them splash the grafitti across culverts. So they are not doing anything that would attract legal hassles.

But they have created visibility. If i decided to buy Bean Bags, the first thing I would remember would be the grafitti, and won't forget to note down the number next time I pass a grafitti, and I will pass a few for sure. With road constructions happening everywhere, there is no paucity of Advertising space. Without as much as creating a brand, they have given the Target customers a very accessible contact point or perhaps a point of sale.

Reputed Business might sigh away from such a campaign, but If I were to start a business sometime soon, I know what to do.

Kudos to the Grafitti Marketeers!
Bean Bags are everywhere!

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Blogger Bonatellis said...

it's interesting no doubt - but i've been seeing this pasted all over walls in the Bandra/Khar/S Cruz region for the last 10 years now ...

16/9/06 2:35 PM  
Anonymous chandrima said...

ya..just like the article says.these types of ads attract our attention so well that infact we'd look for them when we want to buy bean bags or any such thing..but one point is that,it won't work in case of all the businesses...

18/9/06 10:12 AM  

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