Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nigerian Widows Lose their Fortune, Actually!

I am sure they did sent out a lot of distress mails, but then who would have believed them. :-)

It is the shepherd's story, who shouted tiger for kicks, revisited.

We all have actually had our share for the Nigeriqan 419 scandal, and how many gullible souls actually fall for it..
"Dear Sir, I am Ngambe Butuba, lawyer of the erstwhile assasinated general Mutumbe who left a Billion dollar in unnamed Swiss account. I am looking for a partner.....and more innovative ones.

In a twist of fate, two Nigerian widows actually lost the $55m estate of one Timothy Olufemi Akanni came after it came to the attention of the authorities after his two widows rowed about who should inherit it.

BBC Reports,
Our correspondent says Mr Akanni, who was a Pentecostal Church pastor in Abuja, was eulogised at his death for being a patriotic and selfless Nigerian.

The posthumous discovery of his second wife and fortune has shocked many of his friends and family.

When the family became divided over the inheritance, the EFFC was informed of Mr Akanni's previously unknown wealth.

After months of investigation the EFFC discovered assets far greater in value than his total legitimate earnings in life.

Who would have believed it? I almost thought the BBC news was a more sophiscasted scam by some nigerian insider tsk tsk![via]

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