Monday, September 18, 2006

Maruti 800 to take on TATA's 1 lakh Car

Maruti has at last come up with an answer to TATA motor's Ambitious 1 lakh car. What else other than maruti's old war horse, the Middle Class Indian's First CAR, the Maruti 800. Maruti will cut the price of Maruti 800 by 50-60 thousand to bring down the difference bewteen Maruti 800 and the TATA's invisible 1 lakh car by about 40 thousand. Considering that TATA is taking ages to come up with the car, and looking at the design or the lack of it in car that have come out of the TATA motor stables, Maruti 800 with this pricing should be a severe blow to the 1 lakh car. When I asked a Autorickshaw driver a few days, he said an Auto rickshaw costs upwards of 1 lakh. Hmmm..

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