Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PVR to start no-frills Multiplexes

Ajay Bijli who gave Indians the first taste of Multiplexes with his PVR chains, and set off a mini-multiplex boom is set to set-off another boom. Another first to his name, NO-Frills Multiplexes.

PVR cinemas will start a no-frills chain in small cities, starting from Latur and Aurangabad, names PVR talkies. He will do away Cushy seats, Plasma display, Neon-lighting, and central air-conditioning. Oh, they won't be selling 50 bucks pop corns either...

All the best, Ajay!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mind shelling Rs 150 for the tickets, but definitely mind paying for the popcorns and the pesticide.

22/9/06 6:31 PM  

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