Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How to Deal with Nosy Neighbors?

The landlord have been extremely nice, and went all over to please me.
He even brought me his spare LPG cylinder and told me I don't need to apply for a new connection. I only need to phone him, and he is at the doorstep.

He asked for 8K for a roomy 2.5 room flat.
I said I can only pay 6.5 and he agreed.
Strange mate!!
I usually try to be good to others, but when others are acting good, my alarms bells start to ring.
Ah!!! There .... He did mention that I should ignore the neighbour, who was a little crazy!

Now she can't be that crazy!
She was doing it intentionally.
Second day at the house, and when I met her outside the door, she was quite rude.
OK, she was extremely ugly, but it was only my perception ( it is a different matter that your perceptions will match mine) and she tried to act her looks. To the sound!

She told me not to talk on the phone outside the house near the common gate. It disturbs her!
The scooters passing the narrow passageway next to her bedroom all day don't disturb her perhaps!
Then she started speaking foul about the landlord for keeping tenants.
She mumbled to herself or someone in her house( she was outside) or was she speaking to me?
She said that she had called the police because girls used to visit the previous tenant.
They also played Music!

I was a little pissed, but I find it hard to reply back to foul mouthed Ladies. I never could.
I talked to another neighbour, and she confirmed that she did called the police though the girls were the tenant's cousins, confirmed by parents!!!
She has done that quite a few times..

Third day into the house, she was quite nice. Maybe because I was quite, and don't disturb her. And my music is not loud. She came out as she heard me closing my door.
She smiled and me and I was shocked.
The, she told me, "You flush makes noise". Can you have it mended!

I told my real estate agent to get me a new house, where I don't have meddling neighbors .
I just paid the token money to a new house.
Much smaller, with 4 flights of stair and 500 more rent.
But more peaceful I hope!

How else would you have dealt with her?
I thought of waiting till she dials 100 and counter charge her of harrassment. That she was harassing not me, but the landlord so that he sells the house to her cheap! But I thought escape was the better route since I had the choice!

The landlord indeed said that he was sorry I had to go through the same.


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