Sunday, October 29, 2006

Auto Rickshaw! Dilli Chalo

I have been to Delhi a few times but have never lived or worked here. But the wide roads and the greens, much unexpected of an Indian city, have been the main attraction of Nayi Delhi. So here I am, after much deliberation, leaving a comfortable job where I had established myself as critical and rejecting a few other Better paying jobs.

The roads are as wide as I remembered, and the trees as green. eM’s TC as she had described…music that I love… Hmm.. But I reached on Diwali and how would I have known that Delhi is Dry and closed on Diwali… After roaming all over Delhi, someone suggested that Ashoka must be Open.. Food was good, drink was no different, but Man, the sofa were all torn. Why would the government run a Hotel, I don’t know? At least mend the Sofas..

I am liking Dilli, so far.. And as an Icing, we are having a Blogger Meet where a Manipuri Blogger will be present. 5th November, most probably… River and Shivam will be announcing it soon.

The only thing irritating about Delhi have been the Auto Rickshaw wallas. You have to bargain wherever you want to go.. Hyper expensive says the dilli old hand who has been guiding me.. But when we do reach the destination, I don’t think the auto-walah overcharged at all. The distance seem quite far for the fare. Only I met a cheat the first day who left me midway saying his auto have run out of gas, and he pushed it awhile and then calmly drove away.. And to think that I pitied him asking how he would push all the way to the gas station. Looks like this is a common trick many autowallahs turn on unwitting travelers when they don’t want to go as far but willing to only go halfway. Hmmm… Oh met Gera at, where was that, Saket? Resourceful that he is, he gave me a self addressed post card to the Delhi Police or something which one could use to complain about Public transport drivers. I haven’t used it so far.. I don’t know if I could put up a face enough to threaten a seasoned Driver.
Dilli Chalo.
Forgot to mention the cold.. not chill yet, but cold. It's been ages since I have felt cold... The climate is amazing... yeah yeah I know about the summer here.... Lemme enjoy each day it comes.


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Blogger Alien said...

My experience is that in cities like Mumbai, one might get conned if one meets a conman.. In Delhi, they can smell you are green, and they will come looking for you...!!

29/10/06 11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Dilli!

31/10/06 10:41 AM  
Blogger Arunima said...

I remember you saying you wanted to relocate to Delhi.

Hope you are liking it. Autowallas in Bangalore are getting worse day by day.

31/10/06 10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, so you've moved to Delhi, is it? I've lived in Delhi for sometime.
And yes, I thought the autowallas of Delhi were bad till I met the autowallas of Chennai. Added to their troublesome nature is the language barrier!
All the best for your new job! :)

1/11/06 7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am US but was in delhi in Jan when i came do some paperwork for my wife after my marriage. Right off the train station these taxiwallahs were up on our trail not letting us take any other taxi or rickshaw. They would say no to other rickshaw wallahs so we go in his taxi. ultimately we got rid of him and took a taxi to MP's quaters where we were staying for 3 days since we could not find any hotel and my father in laws friend was a MP in lok sabha. It was a nice place with great security and stuff since it was jan 26 time. I like delhi it was good though did not have enough time to roam and stuff. hope to visit again.

2/11/06 12:09 AM  
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