Friday, September 29, 2006

Khosla Ka Ghosla mein Boman Irani!

Anupam Kher is a great actor and I have always liked him but Boman Irani seems out to beat him. All else remaining same, ;-) , Boman Irani Beats him hands down in laughter therapy scenes.

Khosla Ka Ghosla is the story of Mr KK Khosla's (Anupam) Struggle to get back his own plot of land from a land mafia(Mr Khurana-Boman) who grabbed it in cahoot with a slimy real estate agent, and the policemen in his pocket. That, the land was guarded by a Huge Jat didn't help Mr Khosla and his typical Middle Class grown-up sons either.

The elder son, who wanted to leave everything behind, mein yeh sab lafra mein parna nahin Chahta , and run away to a software company in Newyork teams up with his Visa Broker-Middleman, who had an old due to settle with Boman Irani. Very conviniently, the visa broker was a real estate broker who used to forge documents for Boman Irani a long before his downslide and Boman's upslide. So he sets up a perfect plan, with a theatre group(...enters Tara Sharma, looking quite wasted and tired, though still cute, but her acting and dialogue delivery had gone for a toss) to feed Boman his own Pill, and provides a lot of laughter on the way.

A movie worth a watch... Reminds me of the simple Hrishikeshda's Movies.... I had a god laugh.


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Anonymous Hiren said...

The Movie sounds interesting but when this happens in real life, it is no laughing matter. Now the rent control laws have been modified but once upon a time, they were blindly in facor of tenants.

30/9/06 6:12 AM  
Anonymous Hiren said...

Sorry wrong identity above

30/9/06 6:13 AM  
Anonymous rajeev said...


Nice blog!

Why don’t you consider writing about some of the new “India 2.0” sites that are creating a little buzz as well?




4/10/06 1:12 PM  

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