Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's mighty Lot easier to Accuse than Apologize!

Jeff Jarvis wrote a post on the aftermath of the POPE's Apology that the Pope Wimps Out. Some more people considered his stand to be not that of a great Man. Not standing by what he said. That he stood by (or didn't) what he said is a different matter altogether, but it takes a great man to be able to apologize, more so when it is for a greater reason than the obvious, and when he knew that his own people will disdain him for that . The pope didn't wimp out, and even if it seemed like he did, it was not for himself.

Just imagine what could have happened had he not wimped out. The Terrorist and Jihadis aren't known for their logic. And as the Danish row demonstrated, nor does a lot of people.

I feel that the pope averted a few hundred if not thousand deaths. One need not be so opinionated and brave as to put to the lives of others in danger. In doing so he sure did attracted a certain amount of disdain from his own folks, the same persons who would have accused him of genocide, had the violence erupted to a larger scale. Yes, there are a lot more Christians than Danish, which would only have meant that casualty would have also been more, on both sides.

On another note, Bangkok Pundit gives a blow by blow account of the Thailand Coup d etat from inside. Link out to him.


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Blogger Hari Prasad Neela said...

Very nice article. Thanks.

Glorious India

23/9/06 11:31 AM  
Blogger Maverick said...

hey tony,

very very well put boss...

its in a small way reflected in one of the dialogues from the latest munnabhai movie, wherein the character of bapu says: maafi maangna kayaron ka kaam nahi...(to apologize isnt the work of cowards)

i guess religion and faith are very touchy issues and if people like us exchange opinions, it wont matter much. But if a public figure like the pope does so, it leads to widespread effects.

the anti-social elements within all religions use such figureheads to propagate their faith of hatred and intolerance then thereby affecting innocent lives.

thereby ya... the pope has done a magnanimous action... i hope others can follow his example when their time comes

23/9/06 4:45 PM  

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