Sunday, October 01, 2006

Metro Sexual Men are Early Adopters!

.....of not just cosmetics!

"Come here baby!"
"Don't you shave everyday, I love your stubble!"

I have always wondered aloud, what the hell is a Metro sexual Man? And why would men suddenly start doing all those things that a Metro sexual man is suppose to do? Do they go for Pedicure? Perhaps a mud pack, or was it face pack?

Now I know! These so called metro sexual men are what we call "The early adopters"
in marketing parlance. What is it that they have adopted early? Not the mud pack!

Well, they have been early adopters of a Mindset, if the mindset be sold as a product. A mindset that Women now looks at a Men much as a Men does a women, for ages. "As a hunk, as a beautiful thing, something good to hook the elbow into." With women becoming increasingly independent and most of them doing very well financially, not having to look at a Man anymore for his BMW or the diamond ring, have now started to look at men for his looks, so says a report. Was in one of the Time of India supplement today.

And with more women in Marketing today, I am not surprised that the Mindset is being marketed successfully.
Who was the person behind that Shah Rukh Khan's Lux Commercial?

Feminists will be smiling, the hardliners will be screaming that they have always looked at Men like that. People at the Menarebetterthanwomen will be screaming bloody murder..

But the cosmetic marketers and the beauty parlor chains will have gained a new target market, and not a niche in that. Who doesn't want to look good anyway?

I am OK with men looking good (Shit! the competition has just increased) as long as Women don't start to look like cigar chewing cowboys. I hate stained tooth. Oh I wasn't referring to the metro cowboys..of the brokeback mountains and suchlike :)

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