Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Making Free Mobile Phone Calls !!

There was this post on watching google video over smart phones. Then Google's Eric Schmidt suggested that phone calls could be made free by inserting Ads, with phones now optimised for advertsiements (or is it the other way round). Ad sponsored free Phone is not a totally new concept, and the idea has yet to turn Profits.

But, It is true that this is one of that great Ideas Investors would love.
Laser Targetted Audience { at least 50% perfect, since the two people on phone need not be of the same target segment }, and phone carriers have all the details of a phone user unlike Email providers, and it has been debated that voice commercials are more effective than Visual- You can create a mountain of Ice-cream on TV, but you sure can describe it on radio.

Imagine a doctor making a phone call and he gets a voice over of comaxoflaxin as he waits for the call instead of those dial tones. With call charges already as low as 1 rupee per minute in India, advertisers would be willing to shell out so much for sucha targetted and measurable audience...

The link above also mentions voice commercials instead of dial tones. Now that would be effective, but imagine the plight of the callers. Would it turn off the customer instead?


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Anonymous CG said...

Well, maybe those who do not wish to go in for free calls need not listen to those commercials.

But given a choice, most people would choose to listen to irritating commercials than shell out money for a call. That is the attraction of the word "free".

Just like we would likely carry on with free Gmail with all those irritating ads on the margins, than pay for the stellar services it offers!

15/11/06 6:29 PM  
Blogger Khizzy said...

wats up you!
long time no comment!

16/11/06 11:30 AM  

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