Thursday, January 04, 2007

Google Might Kill Digg and Delicious!

Or perhaps buyout Digg! might be dead for sure.

And just when I just started using Google reader. I have the habit of analyzing popular blog's referral logs, and and google reader have been popping up quite a bit here and there, and since it is Google I decided to set my homepage to Google homepage on my browser. So very convenient. Little like page flakes, but not as heavy, for whatever that mean. I find google homepage lighter(Both use Ajax, don't they?). I never got used to pageflakes.

About killing Digg, Delicious and all other lovely sharing and bookmarking sites, It is being discussed in the A-Listers Blogs that, with a slight tweak in the Google reader Algorithm, and they have the resource bandwidth, they can easily beat the shit out of all sharing sites by aggregating and displaying how many people Shared each post and then calculated the most popular ones.

Scoble thinks, " the result set is more diverse than TechMeme (more Z listers, yeah!) and more focused than Digg (less noise, more tech)".

Now most of this sharing sites, survive by acting as Google's distributers , and as a sensible manufacturer, google should let them be and focus more to be a better searcher. After all Search is the future, PPC and contextual might just kill good ole marketing as we knew it, and Google is the reigning Caesar.

But of course, in a user ruled world, if Google can provide us with more User Delight, we won't complain.


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