Monday, October 17, 2005

Moved in!!! and I am back from the Death

Moved into a new flat yesterday.
Moved into this new blog. Well its not new but i have decided to move here for good.
Leaving my rediffblog after a very very long time.
However loyal I am to rediffblogs, at some point of time I have to let go.
Stayed there for more than 2 years. Despite having started my first blog 3 years back on Blogspot. read Where Am I which was discontinued after one post. I went over to rediffblogs, gave it a good look.. But I am moving here till the time I decide to host my own space.

Moved into a new House as well. No haven't bought it. I have just rented it. A 1BHK. And the owner haven't even put the curtain Rods. And the window opens right into the opposite apartment block which is close enough enough for snooping neighbours to take a peek.

Unfortunately, Mere Saamne Waali Khidki mein Koi Chand Ka tukra nahin dikha, oly some aunties cooking and Uncles satring at my strange face. Need to get Drapes soon.

Another foolish thing. I guess I have to post it. If i don't post it I am not a blogger..

I almost died on saturday.
I wouldn' have anyway, but I stopped a Train on its Tracks.
I guess I am the first blogger who ever stopped a train on its Tracks.
And I didn't pull the chain

Let me explain,
A most foolish thing ever occured to me.
Have i ever written that something or the other always goes in my mind all the time.
I think about Share Prices and i am having my lunch, i think about a Girl I saw while driving
And what not.. My mind never rests.. I have had at least three road accidents because i was Thinking or Singing..

Now, it as late saturday night, around 11:30 and I was coming back by Mumbai Local Train. I guess i went to the wrong side of the station since I am not too familiar with the mumbai ocals and the stations, so i had to go the other side again via the station only. I had to take a stair and go out the other way, but i saw many poeple taking a short cut. They just went under the footbridge by walking near the tracks for a few meters and walk out by the road. By the way, nothing could have been more appropriate when my ex-boss said the longest rout is the short cut. HAd i died, it would haven been the longest route eh!!
So i just walked out via tracks, and a thought struck me as i was walking near the track.. Well i was away from the track but not far enough, you see a train is a much wider than the tracks.. so i was about a feet away from the tracks but not far enough not to get killed. I was thinkin about the absence of latrenes in local trains and how it have kept the tracks clean because of that.. remember how I used to hate going to railway stations because of the dreadful stench.. and i was engrossed in this thought when i heard a screeching halt of a train behind me. the train had apparently blew the horns but then you listens to horns all time in a Train station so i guess i missed it.. Onky when i saw the train in my back and people staring at me and when the driver shouted at me did i realised what just happened. the train ahd stopped at the staion, had it been a non-stop fast train.. I won't be writing this Blog today. I love you God.
I might have been arrested if it was in the daytime, but since it was late already the train just carried on, the driving shouting obsceneties.. And, strange thing, i was not even frightened or trembled.. I was more ashamed that people were looking at me. I just walked very very fast.
And threw a One rupee Coin as an offering. But thinking back, the situation deserved to be scary Eh!!!

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Blogger Arunima said...

you are

be careful.

17/10/05 7:21 PM  
Anonymous deepakjeswal said...

Naya Blog, Ghar mubaraq...and that is some scary thing to happen...reading it was so careful my friend!

17/10/05 9:17 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

God! Yes, i sure want to be careful lol...

18/10/05 9:38 AM  
Blogger Fursat said...

hey pls pls be careful while travelling by trains...and cross it carefully...

thank God nothing bad happened...

May God bless u !

18/10/05 9:49 PM  
Blogger | Ep/ID | said...

be careful.
I know about bombay locals!
You wont be alive to write more, if u do that again!


18/10/05 11:28 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

Thanks to al of you. oh yes I will be carefull, I don't kno whwat happened that day. ACtually it was my 4th or 5th on a local..

And by the way ekta, you remember on saturday when i smsed you telling u that i would be shifting and was in a train going back.. it was the same day..

19/10/05 4:40 PM  

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