Sunday, May 14, 2006

Militant Justice

Manipur militants have been involved in a lot of social cleansing, like punishing bootleggers, drug peddlers and dealers, errant pharmacists selling prescription drugs to be used as addictives like phensidyl, Spasmoproxyvon etc, and specially rapists, the latest gang rape charges againts some militant groups notwithstanding..

In the latest event, a Miltant group, shot one rapist on the leg for alledgedly raping a 9 year old.

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Anonymous CG said...

Yup..gangrape charges notwithstanding..extortion charges notwithstanding..shooting teachers dead notwithstanding...drug racketing notwithstanding..egging people to burn libraries and legislative assemblies notwithstanding...using poor farmers as human shields notwithstanding..banning Hindi movies notwithstanding..forcing dress code on schoolgirls notwithstanding..shooting dead a girl for having an affair with an army jawan notwithstanding..they are still Robin Hoods who are the only possible saviours of society, notwithstanding all..

15/5/06 4:18 PM  

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