Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fiction to Reality, Ito Ora!!

Heard of Ora Ito? or rather ito morabito.
Read About him long time ago in a magazine article. I was talking to a designer friend, and casually mentioned Ito, and she hadn't heard about any Ito. The article had so caught my fancy then that I remembered everything about the story. I had to google the article today..

Ito is a Design School Drop-out who wouldn't hired by any big brands. He was a kid, and had no credentials.

But he knew a thing or two about designs, and what he was create fictional designs for some well known brands, like louis vuitton and Apple, and published them on some fashion Magazines, in a creative media stunt.

When real people started ordering his fictional products online, the brands took notice. His website was getting 200,000 visitors a day within the first few weeks of the publication.

This alluminium heineken bottle won awards for design, and boosted sales for the beer giant.
Within months of the bottle's launch, Heineken doubled the number of French outlets that carried its aluminum bottles, to 2,000.
The Fictional designs are below.... Amazing designer!! He calls his designs "simplexity".

More of his designs here.


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