Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I shall gamble no more

I have been a bit of a Gambler. Aquarians are I believe, Pathetic Gamblers.
I read in one of those know your Lover articles that if your Lover boy is an Aquarian, “don’t ever take him to a casino, ever”. I like playing with my Luck, I guess it is more so because I have been a pathetic Gambler. I have lost a great deal of time and money in gambling. If I were a Billionaire, I would certainly lose my fortune in Las Vegas. I like playing Flush(teen patti), and Poker during Diwali despite the fact that I have only . I like playing the Tambola or Housie during Parties and get together.

Tambolas used to be a huge affair in Manipur, where I come from, during the Hindu festival Holi, we call it “Yaosang” and continues for 5 days unlike the one day holi in other parts of India. Like everything else we Manipuris try to exaggerate everything that we do. I shall write about it later. Most locals in Manipur Organizes local Sports events and festivities in the evening and Housie seem to be the preferred choice of Fund raising for the local Clubs organizing the event. We play housie for as high as 10000, 15000 Rupees, considered a Bumper prize in Housie. And as a kid I used to wait for Holi to come so that I may Play Housie on the first day of Holi. I used to buy 4/5 ticket and play them together with the hope that I will win someday. I have never won.

My father, a very strict Patriarch who didn’t believe in luck and considered drinking, smoking and gambling (that includes lottery and Housie) to be the vices of the devil. He found out once that I had developed this strange romance for Housie when I didn’t return home till late one evening. They housie was getting too interesting and in Manipur I was suppose to be back home by 6 PM. It was around 7:30 when my father came looking for me at the Venue. Well, we met halfway since I was already returning. I still remember when I swore to him that I will never play Housie again. He was using a watered belt to drive the devil out of me. Unfortunately, he couldn’t. It was the only vice he couldn’t force me off.

Till today, in my last company, during the outings I was the first one to suggest if we shouldn’t have a Housie. Of course I am still on my losing streak and still believe that someday luck will turn. If there was ANY way I could lose in a gambling I would certainly lose, even if it a 1 in a 100 chance to Lose not Win. I have never confessed that though, before today. A gambler, like a magician never tells. During one of those Outdoor trips during my MBA, one evening I challenged my Friends into a game of Flush. I lost everything I had. I told them maybe it wasn’t my day.

But, since I stated earning, I have graduated to a better form of gambling. It is Trading. I am as Dumb as my losing streak seem to suggest, and I learnt the intricacies of investing in the stock market and I have picked some very good stocks since I started trading( I won’t say investing) 3 years back. Of course the markets have been doing very good and my medium term investments opps trading of 1-3 months horizon have given me Returns that some people only dreamt of. But this is not what I am going talk about. This not the gambling I am talking about.

Since I do a fair amount of research and take Informed decisions and I am making money on them and given the fact my pickings have helped some of friends make some money, I am doing a fair job and I will not consider it as gambling. But some where when I was starting out, a batch mate of mine by the name of Kads, a thorough Tam, introduced me to Derivatives trading. And the devil in me suddenly fall in LUST with Options. I read up all the available material on options and Futures in our Library, committed copyright crimes by making photocopies of books, and suddenly I knew I was going to be a Hedge Fund Phenomenon. Kads also lots a mini fortune in Options. I guess he has also learnt.

Well, I seem to have ignored premise that hedging is the exact opposite of gambling, and Option are to be used for Hedging against your Bets. I used options for gambling. And all my profits from my short term investments/long term trading have been parlayed in my Options Gambling. I have won some and gained some but I have lost a hell lot of money. Good news, I have quit Options since August. I bought my last Put option in July. I bought a July nifty option and lost 18K. The same month when I booked a profit of 33K in Spel semiconductors. I will stick to my short term investment/long term trading for now. I have also decided to invest a little money every month for a very long term.

More on stocks some other day. BTW I have re-entered Spel semiconductors. This time, for long.

What is the motive behind the post today. I have decided that I shall never Gamble again. Its alright to burn your fingers in the stock market, but what I burnt on derivatives has been much more than a finger. I will use derivatives diligently, for the purpose it was invented for. HEDGING. I shall refrain from any form of Gambling. And this Diwali is going to be the first of many such Diwalis. By the is a great site.

PS: Wrote this article yesterday night when I was studying my trades History from icicidect and found that more than 60% of my gains I have wasted on options and Brokerage. With the money I am paying Icicidirect, I realise that the only only people who made real money during the californian gold rush were the hardware shops who dealt in Picks and Sieves and othet mining tools and the only company that made money during the dotcom where the networking hardware manufaturers like Cisco.

If birdflu comes to India, will the stock of Venky's get a Hitting. Why there are always buyers and sellers in a Market. Somepoeple will that Venky's will loose money because of birdflu and go short on venky's stock. Some will go long because they will think that since people will disrust local retailer during an epidemic, everybody will buy chicken from venky's. How ill I make money, I will go short for short term and when they have got enough beating I shall buy at bottom. I loose if the stock doesn't get a beating. Oh,. I just swore that I will not gamble. OK so I will not touch venkys and only buy if the stock goes very cheap.

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