Monday, January 08, 2007

Can a New Search Engine Replace Google?

“The more Google starts to think about taking on Microsoft, the less it is a pure search play, and the more it opens the door for new innovations,” said Mr. Moldow, A partner at the Foundation Capital, a Venture capital Firm which have recently invested in a new search engine, Powerset, aimed at taking google's business away when google is busy competing with Mirosoft...Richard at Siliconvalleywatcher reports.

Now perhaps a better mouse-trap might not be enough to replace google, and google is not a just a better search engine, but already a name synonymous with googling, oppps, searching with billion of dollar warchests and a work place that attracts the best talents..

But then everybody says that about a King!!! And there is always a new King... If google topples Microsoft, someone else has to topple Google. That need not be a Search engine. Or perhaps it is a search engine after all, user validated results? . Afterall, the flavor of the new age have been the USERS.

Imagine, search results, that are edited by a million volunteers... Volunteers validating backlinks, keyword relevance, linking neighbourhood etc etc...


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