Friday, January 05, 2007

Toshiba Portable USB External HDD

I so very want one of this.. I recently bought a seagate laptop hard-drive, fixed up inside a casing, and looks quite like this toshiba, from nehru Place. The assembled drive costs me something like 4000 INR, about 100 dollars, for 80 GB. It also has USB and powers up with the Laptop... Only the USB port was loose despite having changed the casing again, so that I need to keep it on a flat place and not move while I use the same.

This Toshiba external HDD reportedly comes for about 140 Dollars for a 100 GB drive. I'd say it is a good bargain, and toshiba is always good.

I use a Toshiba Portege R150 and I love it, despite the speed, when running heavy applications. I have added an extra 512 MB of ram which I am thinking of upgrading to an extra 1 gig.

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