Monday, January 15, 2007

Wedding at Gun Point!

And I thought it happens only in Manipur.

Samman, an educated guy from Mumbai visits a friend in Bihar at a wedding. There, he meets Kakul, the pretty daughter of a politico-business magnate from Patna and charms her with his flirtatious ways. So far, so good. But soon realizes that he is a consenting, yet mute spectator, at his own wedding with Kakul at gunpoint! [more]

In Bihar, in perfect opposite to dowry system, if a guy is liked by the daughter of someone high and mighty, it is mighty easy to get the boy's consent for marriage. In Manipur, if a girl can pull the right strings, it is not at all uncommon to see guys being forced to get married to the girl. Happened that, a girl turns up on a guys wedding, much like movies, with militants, and get forcibly wed to that guy coz they were seeing each other at some point of time.

But then Bihar and Manipur are a lot similar. Similar ailments, albeit different symptoms. Poverty, political breakdown, economic famine and goons. Who once said that a place where Policemen are prosperous can never be peaceful..? And Policemen in both states are very prosperous indeed.

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Anonymous Cashless Carnival said...

There was another weird kinds I had blogged about some time ago, check this out

15/1/07 4:01 PM  

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