Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I discovered digital Inspiration via technorati. When I looked for blogs tagged with India. It was quite a long time ago, and Amit was a quite blogger, then. He never came up in the Indian Blogosphere Buzz, untill the recent ban. Well a few months before that. But, his was a Big Blog. Counting the technorati links, and in most Blog parameters. I quitely admired his blog. The second in the list of the blogged tagged with India came far below. And it was very unusual for an Indian Blog to have such huge Links. Usually, US, Australian, or Chinese blogs get such number of links. Of course, there are similar blogs (very similar) now on Technology new snippets, like Quickonlinetips , with good number of links on ( Quickonline tips have also been around for a long time).

The point is that I found out about such blogs only via, and didn't think there would be other more popular(linkwise) Indian Blogs. Indian Bloggers don't like to link out.

And Wait! he lives in Australia!

Today again I was doing a search for popular blogs as I was updating feeds, and did a, and surprise surprise, I saw another Indian Blog with.... Links more than Digital Inspiration.

This Blog, according to Technorati has 2069 blogs linking to it as against amit's 1849. Wait wait, he don't even post that often, and his feedreader count is way below Amit's.

His secret was a 3 column k2 wordpress template he created .
With 10000 downloads, it is no wonder that he attracted such a huge number of links.
Want links, learn designing nice templates...

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