Thursday, January 11, 2007

On Feminism and 80 Kilo suitcases

It all started when desipundit linked to this post , and Curious Gawker responded in his trademark style, Ash responded well, but when falstaff responded , "I'm also firmly of the opinion that anyone who packs an 80 kg suitcase deserves to have to carry it herself / himself". I can't but laugh.

How so true.. Out of courtesy, as gawker mentioned, hmm I always help carry luggages of my female friends, and I always insists. But my brother never does.. Different or not, many girls tend to pack these 80 kilo suitcases, and my brother being a light traveler, never carries more than 2 pairs of dress, just in case and his toiletries. And so whenever he comes or goes back from his vacation when in college, and they used to travel in groups. Him with his almost empty rucksack, and his female friends with their baggage. And he always lets them know that he travels light because he don't want to carry any luggage. And the most courtesy he extends is help bargain with the porter.. It was a long time away, and falstaff reminded me of an old sweet conversation with my brother.. thanks.


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