Monday, November 07, 2005

Terrorism and Gandhi Jee

I just read in Uma's Indianwriting an article posted by DNA here, on combating Terrorism Differently. I couldn't agree more. Coming from a Place rife with terrorism and having lived the life of a common men where the the common Men is torn between the Barrel of Two guns(Govt Forces and Terrorist forces), Combating Terrosrism Has been a subject close to my heart
Terrorism must be fought not by politicians or the army, but by the people who have no interest or incentives other than a chance to live in Peace. Like mao Tse Tung said," The revolutionaries are the fish and the people is Water". Fish cannot survive without water.

I liked the movie Gandhi immensely. He was truely a legend, our Bapu. I still rememebr that one line he said countering terrorism of that time. He was very much againts Ahimsa and the so called revolutionaries. Revolutionaries are right at their own sense, they are courageous and I salute them, But what Gandhijee said(in the movie) still rings in my ear. "Terrorism have never produced the kind of leaders on whom we could leave the future of a nation" , How true.
Like I said I couldn't agree more. I could carry on and on about terrorism, but to what end?

Also read about my view on Terrorism after the Delhi Blast,
Here at Live and let live!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You post faster than "Toofan Mail"...LOL

Can you give me an example of a place where terrorism was at it's height and then within few years there was no sign left of the same?

I can. Punjab. Punjab's terrorism was worse than Kashmir at one time but the moment the local people stopped supporting it, the exact moment it stopped, just like it had started. So, it was not KPS Gill who stopped it, it was the very own people directly affected by it as you said.

I am not a big Gandhi jee fan, so no comments on that part...

7/11/05 11:08 AM  
Blogger Admin said...

COuldn't agree with u more pal. Only the poeple can stop it. Cut the support and they are dead.
they is a famous saying by Mao tse tung, In a revolution, the revolutionaries are the fish and the people are water.

7/11/05 11:18 AM  
Blogger The Comic Project said...

quite right about people fighting terrorism. 2 issues:
1. Lack of solidarity. If Delhi gets bombed, Bombay thinks "as long as nothing happens in bombay..i am cool". 6 months later "Bombay gets bombed...and happened to me..but as long as it doesnt happen to me AGAIN..i am cool". And the guy in the south thinks, "what the long as these terrorists keep their eyes to my north, I am cool."

2. Now to this attitude, add some resilience of a Bombay or Delhi to be back on its feet in a jiffy. Remember NY cried and keeps crying about 9/11 and London about 7/7 more than the Japanese cry about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They got back on their feet, but kept the issue in the limelight for long. Focused on resilience to motivate people, but kept the anger alive by bringing it up again and again and again. We, instead, focus on resilience (which is great) but lose sight of the real issue the moment Karishma Kapoor gets married to Sunjay Kapur.

3. Ah the outrage. The outrage that is needed to respond to such events, the emotion..the anger (which would cause the people to burn the nearest symbol of government, if necessary) goes away..don't know where. Just fizzles away. Weird.

We can either make the terrorists pay for their deeds, or the governments that fail to give us security. I'd say the Governments are a better bet simply because what our reaction doesn't matter to the terrorists, maybe only motivate them further. But our reaction doesnt matter to Governments either, does it? So what do we do? Motivate the terrorists or bang our heads against the walls of an indifferent Government, cosy with the realization that it is secure behind the human walls of black cat commandos?

Kashmir has been burning for ages, Punjab went through that for a few years, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur.. Call it internal strife or a struggle for recognition and rights or call it terrorism, the issue is that the guy on the street, i.e. you and i, think too short term, are not angry enough and maybe don't care enough except for the day after the event itself.

7/11/05 2:55 PM  
Blogger Admin said...

@TCP..What I always keep harping. It is the govt's responsibilty to protect us in wahtever way they can..

8/11/05 9:35 AM  

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