Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why I watch movies alone?

“A men does what he has to do until his destiny is revealed to him” – The last Samurai

"The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life."

Saturday Just got over.. Watch another movie yet again during the day.. Tomorrow, its already sunday EARLY morning 1 AM, I shall not watch. Will finish off Freakonomics. Borrowed it from the company library and had started it, finished the Sumo wrestlers chapter and then movies took over. Well, I suddenly got into this DVD and VCD collection spree and had bought a load of them. If only they are Infosys stocks..wishful thing!!

I have always been into watching movies alone, much to the surprise of friends who would give me that “Is he some Wacko? Is he a kinda weirdo?” Look. Nevertheless, I have watched many a movies alone, but peer pressure and that pitiful look from other movie goers forced me to let some people accompany me. Problem with me is I TALK a lot ? And contrary to my childhood when my mom reprimanded me for talking too much, today talking well has become an important asset. I heard people today attend grooming classes to learn to be outgoing. Do they teach them how to crack a joke as well? They sure must then teach them how to laugh at THEIR jokes as well?
Oh, see, how I talk. I seem to my favorite topic. Forgot what I was going to write, so I started watching movies with friends and friend girls( Borrowing your word K ) and I can’t stop talking if there is someone beside me, more so if she is a she. After all we are watching the movie together so we might catch up on some whispers. Well, as I am watching reruns of my favorite movies alone these last few days, I realize what I had missed. Watched The Last Samurai. today. I don’t want to write about the movie, my blog is turning out to be a movie review site. But Men, those Samurais are worth a mention, and praise.
To those men, who died in The Last Samurai. , the movie I salute you for we won’t ever get to know what honour, as you meant mean. There are much to be learnt from the Samurais, and there are much to be learnt from the Japanese. One thing that amazed Capt. Algren, amazed me as well. "From the moment they are awake, they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue." With a discipline and devotion hard to fathom less alone copy.. No wonder how Japan became what Japan is today. They were very late starters, but look at them today. I hope we can learn from them. But of course, the south Koreans are today giving them a run for their money, but then they learnt from the Japanese. They learnt all the good things from the Japanese and then some more. But Devotion and Discipline, a virtue of the orientals made it all happen.

PS: Added later..

Holy cow, I had just copied and posted this post with lots of links. And blogger just went into maintenance mode and I have lost all my that I typed there, so here I go again. Will repost in the morning.

Know more about the oriental people at your backdoor. The people of Manipur on my Blog on Manipur. Please do take the pain to go through all the previous post in there. Do Learn about Manipur and the Manipuris. Its my small part in reaching out to the fellow Indians and citizens of the world. We also have a lots of the Oriental virtues, but are they Gone with the Winds?

Also read this post by Ricky.
All Indians need to read it. Reminds me of Amu, which I watched alone at Nandan, Kolkata.

And also this would be bestseller short story by Anks. A sure winner at the
Fiction category of Bloggerrati.

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Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

The Last Samurai is good. I saw the movie quite a while back.
Yeah, you are right about Japanese people. They have progressed a lot even after starting late. Hard work, discipline and devotion let them there.

6/11/05 11:23 AM  
Blogger Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Tony,

Your topic 'watching a movie alone' reminded of an advice someone had given me years back.

It went something like this - "Beware of all those people coming alone into the cinema to watch a movie. They are creeps. Stay away from them" :)

Well, what you are talking about is not exactly the same. But remembered this suddenly and thought I'd put it down. Found it very funny now.

10/11/05 10:39 AM  
Anonymous anthony said...

HAHAH, maybe I am a creep after all. but yes, that's what the world thinks. Didn't i say that they gave thos e"who is this wacko? look"..

10/11/05 3:03 PM  
Blogger visithra said...

hehehe i talk to! I have this habit of guessing the next move n I have to share it - luckily my friends are used to it and theyre as bad as me - friend n i spent the entire duration of ashoka talking about everything under the sun - occasionally going oh wow that looks beautiful - kareena looks so hot in the movie n back to whatever we were talking about - luckily we were whispering n there weren't many ppl in the theater ;p

29/11/05 7:27 AM  

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