Monday, October 24, 2005


Some problems with the RWorld connection/ rather the data cable, so I missed yet another BM, it was a VBM this time unlike the last two CBMs.

I am not a Thinker but my mind never rests. An unsettled mind, like a butterfly some people say. I am always thinking about something or the other. I am always asking.. God, Space, life, Science, Terrorism, politics, Democracy and on the other hand my mind is very very unsettled. I still don’t belong anywhere. Today, I am here in Mumbai, but I don’t quite belong here. Its not because I wasn’t born here or rather I was born in a place far away. I never belonged to my home either. I prefer to call it my parent’s home. When I was in Kolkata for more than a year, I lived every month like it was my last month. I thought of buying a car many times, but I always thought where will, I carry it next. I didn’t even carry my Bike from Pune. Just left it there and was sold much later. When I signed the lease with my new landlord here, the first question I asked was how soon he can arrange to give me back my security deposit. When I went to buy a TV yesterday, I ended up buying a small one. Something I could afford to leave behind though I wanted a nice Big TV.
When I was in hostel, I used to change the direction of my bed quite often.. north-south, east west, right in the middle. Only variation I didn’t try was to have it diagonally placed. I guess It more to do with my mind than me getting bored…
Maybe, I grew up in a boarding school. It’s been 16 years since I left home. And the longest I stayed home was between my HS exams and Engineering school, about 3 months. After that, I don’t know if I stayed more than a month. Oh yeah, my mom was sick in 2002. I had to stay for a month but then I stayed at the hospital only, and grew fat :-) . I camped in the hospital for a month and my relatives used to take turn bringing me my lunch and dinner and everyday day was a treat, everyone trying to outdo the other because their favorite nephew, grand nephew, cousin was back home albeit the Hospital was home and was gracing their culinary skills, one month and I never had the same dish. I was 68 kilos, quite lean and mean and I became 80 Kilos, fat and chubby when I left home again. And then a series of places.. Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai.

But of late, I have been thinking if I should start thinking of a place where I can nicely settle down. Plasma TV, nice Bed, Nice living room, and stop living out of the suitcase. But then, it would be so boring. Bangalore used to be a nice place, but the way it is going now, I don’t think it would be a nice place. Pune seem a nice place, or maybe Delhi but for the weather extremities. I had also kind of started to like Kolkata and for 2000 per Sq feet, you get the best location. In Mumbai you don’t get a house for 2500 even in Navi Mumbai. Or maybe I will travel around a world.. I would have been the happiest in the foreign services maybe. Before you get a bored of a place, you are transferred to Tanzania. lol. My Age says, settle down…My mind says who the hell cares about Age. My parents still think I am a kid. They don’t realize they have been married for more than 27 years now. Marriage Hmmmm. Good news though.. Suddenly my parents are no longer in a hurry. They don’t want to get old :-) .

But its been a nice journey so far. And I have so many stories to tell my grandchildren :-) ..before we start on an adventure, back in boarding school and we had many, we always told the less adventurous ones,"You won't have stories to tell your Grandkids", well some stories we could never tell our grand children though.. Live life so that you have no regrets.. the regret minimization framework of Jeff Bezos..

Continuing on, the LOTR fellowship. the craracter Gollum is very interesting. Torn between two characters, his alter ego. And Tormented by the love of the ring that have already ruined his life. My precious.........

1:00 PM And hey, Blogging has arrived.. after the 410 Million Dollars Buyout of by NYTimes, well wasn't truely a blogging site but it was almost ABOUT Blogging..All the sites are like blog and many affiliates are blogs. I specially like alanebyday and transformist... Yeah but this time a real blog..a collection of blogs Weblogs Inc has been bought for 25 million by AOL. Read the links via uRmad's .Weblogs inc owns a collection of about 90 blogs, mostly niche blogs, and was earning kostly through Google Ads. Google Ads? again?????

3:30 PM: Was reading a Nirav's Blog when i learnt about dansh. A movie on the north east. Read the review .. The North East India, an Enigma to many, a reality nevertheless..

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Blogger anthony said...

&*^!&*%^^(^*@()*)(_ I removed the word verification only a day or two back....nEetie,, look at this infidels now.. grrrrr

24/10/05 1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger | Ep/ID | said...

First, thank god for the word verification! Or may be thank blogger!

second, nice post. long time u are writing about yourself:)

loved reading it.


24/10/05 11:05 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

he he he.. I need a Whole new blog to write about myslf...

25/10/05 9:32 AM  
Blogger WITCH said...

pretty intresting though..i really like that restlessness about you..restless,yearning for more and constantly striving...thats what you seem..

30/10/05 1:13 PM  

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