Friday, October 21, 2005

My After Hours

I bought some VCDs and DVDs and then packed them in my Suitcase.
Since I shifted I hadn't opened them, there are still some work going on the bathroom and i have left a key with the Builder so I just kept my Suitcases Unopened. So when I was going through my Credit card bills and saw some entries marked Planet M, I rememebered that I had some movies unopened.. so last two evenings have been spent watching The Lord of the Rings I and II, the third one I will watch maybe on Monday evening. And Since I hadn't bought a TV yet, for the same reason that I don't stay home when the worker come and work on the bathroom, I watched them on the Laptop.. the 12" screen though great for mobility and gives no problems on excel-powerpoint-Wordpad-explorer and Messenger, But for the movies, I would have preferred my old 15" Sattelite anyday. But still, it wasn't a problem as I watched from close, very close. But what made all the difference was I had to watch with earphones. I have pair of good earphones from Sony.. and watching with earphones made me realise many things I might have missed when I first watched LOTR. I don't know if I missed them or have forgoten( my memory is pretty low on the long term faculty). But watching with earphones made me take each and every word. And it was good. I didn't even know that the real name of Gollum was Speagol and that it(sic) refererred to itself(sic) as us/we.

By the way, whatever happened to that Blog on LOTR. There was a pretty popular blog maintained by someone who called himself gandalf white., he had been dormant for more than year now. I will just check out if he is back. One of my early Blogger circles..

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Blogger Fursat said...

hmm...good that u r watching movies...

but watch it so close...not so great for ur eyes....

take care

God bless u !

n pls remove this word verification :|

21/10/05 11:23 AM  
Blogger sebia said...

ok heres smthing ,in which i can indulge in 2 whole a complete movie buff,though i always liked movie with such fanciful imagination,but smhow i culd never develop any fancy fr LORD OF THE left the train,after the frst part.
yeah sometimes we just watch the movie fr the heck of it w/t registering wht actually happened..and thn after a long time we see tht movie again and v r like,, this movie is so different from wht i can gather frm my past experience:0
thts wht happened 2me while watching mummy returns 2 days bak..
tc..and thnx fr hopping on 2my blog

21/10/05 3:14 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

@sebia, watch LOTR again, you will like it.

Neetie jee, Yeah I don't help it if I am watching on a laptop and listening thro a earphone. I can watch only as far as the earphone wire would allow :-)

21/10/05 4:37 PM  

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