Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Post

Yesterday evening, I was tired and wanted to watch a movie and watch I did, and then slept. I didn't write my blog, so here I am writing in the blogger editor for a change. I use notepad on my laptop, and my dial up connection is so pathetic, I only use it to Chat on messenger, I don't bother to open any website. But I wanted to write a Friday post anyway, so inspired by Casablanca of writing on the wall . Not this Casablanca, that I wrote here.

It had been one festive week I say, we even had one of the most important festivals called Ningol Chakouba in Manipur Yesterday. I was far away in Mumbai though. Home must be filled with festive mood, I won't think about all the delicacies they must be preparing back home. The week has ended with Eid. Eid Mubarak deal all. And thank god, I won't have those terrible bombs blasting beside my window. All those rockets( crackers) seem to exploding right near my 4th floor bedroom window. I felt like picking up all the kids and adults alike who were having fun at the xpense of my ear drums and my piece of mind and lock them inside a tin drum. It would be such pleasure playing dholak with the tin drum.

Oh, the movie I watched Yesterday, The Sound of Music. It was so nice and fresh. I have seen the VCD staring at me for as long I remember at the VCD rack at Music world and Planet M and any other Music store. Frankly that was how I came to know of Sound of Music, and since it was so prominently displayed, I presumed it might have been a famous movie of its time though I never botheerd to check out it review. But each time I browse the VCD rack, it stared at me, a girl dancing and singing againts a a very beautiful backdrop. Well A few days back I gave in to the temptation, well point of sale does work, and had bought it. Watched it only yesterday and it was a pleasure sitting through or rather lying though the length of the movie. Of course, the loud crackers were a nuisnace, but it didn't distract me the least, I watched at FULL volume. I guess, it was what they call a musical, other than Hindi Movies( Hindi movies are musicals and then some more, well much more), I haven't seen a musical per se and was surprised that it could so beautiful and like I keep saying Fresh. I could feel a certain freshness watching the movie.
One more secret about the movie, I will reveal, it had two ending. The first ending was very nice but the second ending beat it. I think that was what made the movie even more memorable.
Yes, a Movie with two endings.

Oh! Just remember my favorite thought
"The rose is a great deal more than a blushing apology for its thorns"

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Blogger Fursat said...

me 1ssttttt....

yeah it was festive week...

and u watched moive..thats good..hows ur diwali...

i never heard abt tht Manipur festival..but i guess it must be rocking...

take care

God bless u !

4/11/05 5:10 PM  
Blogger Casablanca said...

I am honoured to be an inspiration :p
*takes a bow*

Some day... I will watch the Sound of Music musical at Broadway. Some day......

4/11/05 9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eid mubarak and belated diwali greetings to u ...did u find to track down gandalf ??! :)


5/11/05 9:02 AM  
Anonymous tony said...

@If will also get to urs first..soon

@Suhas No Pal,, maybe he is writng as soe anonymous writer.. Nobody knows.

@ casablanca, Me too.. It would be such a pleasure

5/11/05 10:25 AM  
Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

It looks that you see a lot of movies :-))
Gr8 going

5/11/05 8:15 PM  
Anonymous Ricky2Tony said...

Yea, the movie is a musical and I cannot remember right now but a Hindi movie is based on it too. The quote is great and I love Tagore's quotes. His thinking was way beyond anyone...

6/11/05 9:44 AM  
Anonymous anthony said...

Yeah navjot.. I have seeing a lot of movies these days

@Ricky there is a metro station in kolkata with Tagore Theme, I saw that writng on the Wall and fall in love...

6/11/05 10:47 AM  

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