Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blog Quake Day

Today is Blog Quake Day.
A tribute to the 09/10/05 earthquake that shook the Indian sub continent.
Many Blogs had put up post about the Quake the same day, but it could not generate the effect on the blogosphere like the Tsunami or the Mumbai Floods. No, it was not because the quake took its toll mostly in Pakistan and most desi bloggers are Indians. No, Bloggers don't discriminate, not on their blogs. We bloggers are a liberal lot, some maybe a little to the left and some libertarians but we don't discriminate between class creed or sex.
What eclipsed the Quake was something much less significant than the Quake but something that had a more direct impact on the bloggers. Well, the IIPM story, you got it right. But it taught us Bloggers that we can sure unite for a cause, if we could unite for Gaurav and Rashmi, can't we do something for the Earthquake again. Ash is spearheading the effort at desipundit. Click here for more. The idea is to dedicate today's post to the earthquake and to direct, if possible some readers to a possible donation site. Well a list of sites where you could make any contributions are listed at Desipundit. Please visit Desipundit for the same.

I want to write more about the quake, cause and maybe preventon rather than finishing off the post with a Donate here Link. Another mail came to me in the morning stating that the Winter would cause more dead to the victims than the quake actually did. I almost forgot that Winter is setting in since it is still very warm in Mumbai.

I have written about Natural calamities earlier as well, and have been quite vocal about it. Maybe, I will start to dedicate a Blog on the same soon. I wrote about it when Hurricane Rita happenedin my old blog. And again when Plastic was banned in Maharastra.

My concern! What is happening to the world? Are we comming to an end. Was the story of the day after tomorrow a premonition of what is going to happen to us, to the world, to mankind. Science have progressed so far, Information is at the tip of our fingers, Human can almost be Cloned, men are playing God... Yet, are we doing enough to save the world. We have long since known that energy resources will dry up, and yet we still don't have a viable alternative energy resource so that we may give nature some relief. We know that Pumping out Fuel(crude) from the innards of the Earth disturbs the System, yet our economies (Stock markets and interest rates etc)still get more than a tremor when the rich trades and speculates in the Crude Oil. the rise of crude oil prices is more shocking to the world than the fact that it is drying up and the environment is getting raped. Where are all the sciences? Are we only good in nanotechnology and Hi-tech and cloning. How about the energy to run those, or are the energy lobby still very strong that they have supressed the development and progress of any alternate fuel.

When I was in high school, I had attended many science exhibitions and many of those exhibitions had pollution as the theme. As a highschool student, I knew the effects of Carbon monoxides and Benzopyrenes on the atmosphere and us. I knew about global warming and CFCs and ozone holes. I knew about radio active waste. We were aware. But it is very scary to think that I am no more aware, and that when information is at at my finger tip, just a google away. And I am not sure if the high school students are aware. Do they teach about pollution in High School nowadays. Or are they busy preparing for IITs. In the 10 years or so since I finished High school, the awareness level have drastically decreased, maybe the economic liberalisation have drastically shifted our focus. In the same time the levels of pollution and global warming have only increased and increased alarmingly. I don't know, I just don't know what is happening. In the last 10 years, the matter has only grown worse.. the snow fall at UAE at ras al khayma, the Tsunami, the mumbai Floods, The katrina and Rita, AND THE EARTHQUAKE . They should not be considered in isolation. Everything is related. Earthqaukes happen because of movements on the faults or tectonic plates. It happens naturally, but it can be aided by the doings of mankind as well. The nuclear tests, Minings, Dams and what not. I might sound like an Activists, but its the truth and we have to wake up to it. It is happening at our backyard. The temperature of many places are increasing every year. Bangalore used to be so pleasnt 3-4 years back and even more pleasant 6-7 years back. When I went to bangalore In 2004 summer, the temparature was no more the temperature that I fall in love with First time I went there. Kolkata is known to be humid, very humid and quite hot, but this may/June the temperature was just unbearable. This are global warmings at our doorsteps. As a Highschool Kid I was only aware and knew about global warming only as a definition. It was a topic for science exhibition, today it is at our doorsteps. I am hearing that there are floods in bangalore as well. Maybe, it is justsa local phenomenon, caused by over population and overworked drainage system, but they are the work of solid pollutants never the less.. I like to help the eartquake Victims, and I shall donate one days salary, but more than that is there anything we can do to help ourselves. Can we help ourselves from future calamities. How much longer must we wait, how many more calamities must we face before we realise it. Bush wants to Rebuild New Orleans but has he even mentioned anything about stopping pollution. His rebuilding efforts will only generate pollutants that might be enough to cause another Katrina.
But of course, pollution control measure costs a lot of money though generating money generates Pollutants. Afterall, what is Kyoto protocol. The developed nations, instead of cutting down pollution in absolute terms, they can buy Carbon Credits. At least it motivates some companies in developing countries to cut down pollution.. Like they say, Something is always been better than nothing.

Live and Let live.

My previous post on Pollution here and another post here on my old Blog.

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Blogger Soumyadip said...

Man is gluttonous by nature. The developed nations say that they don't want to compromise on the lifestyles of their citizens and it is the responsibility of the developing ones that they develop in a more environmentally manner. It can't always be a win-win situation, but in matters of fiddling with nature the losses are disastrous and the wins are all washed away.

I dread thinking of the day when the polar ice caps will melt.

The stuff that the world donates for victims of natural calamities is hawked in Janpath, New Delhi.

26/10/05 4:28 PM  
Anonymous Ash said...

Thanks for your support ANthony.

The unfortunate reality is that nations and economies are focussed on the short-term benefits, instead of looking to long-term effects.

A Native American saying comes to mind in such situations ... We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

26/10/05 11:08 PM  
Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

Nice post buddy.
Donation is fine but I also like to say that - you should make sure that the donations reache the required people. In the country like India more then 90% is lost along the way.

27/10/05 10:01 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

yeah soumya, we must be sure where the donation goes.. like Swami Aiyr of swanomics wrote once, the best solution to give donation would be to skydrop 5 rupee coins, at least it won't find its way to the unwanted pockets

So true Ash, I also live by that Maxim, what of our children from who we borrow the earth.. i left a comment somewhere that, the earth would last till we die but what of our childrena nd garndchildrns.. Are we being fair to them.

Hi Navjot, the company handles it. We have a foundationm ;-)

27/10/05 10:12 AM  

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