Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chinese Medicines and Illegal immigrants

Don't expect any relations between the two.
Or maybe We will try to relate.

I don't know, and I haven't tried either, but I have seen many articles about wildlife on neighbouring coutries being exported to China endangering many species into extinctions. Many Turtles, Bear and an assortment of Lizards and pythons are being consumed faster than the poor animals could copulate. Read this particularly interesting article on Time. Other than the medicinal purpose, seems like the meat of some wild fauna like Pangolins and Pythons are a delicacy. Pangolin meat retails for as high as $100 a kilo. But I am more interested in the medicinal values. Do they really work? Crushed Seahorse powder is known to be a great aphrodisiac, and if it were true why is it true only in Asia? Why aren't the Aphrodisiac starved world using it. Maybe its only a myth. But that particular article on interesting article on Time mentioned another animal organ based medicine. The bile of the Bear. Bile is a very bitter liquid found in the gall bladder of animals. It is believed, in my place and is used like a traditional (not unlike ayurvedic/herbal medicine) medicine, that Bile of bear cures many ailments like pain and fever. I still remember, when travelling tribes used to come and sell these medicines.

Illegal immigrants seem to be reaching all the major cities of India. Where Assam and West Bengal are busy fighting the politically organised immigration of Bangladeshis, there seem to be no dearth of the same even in Mumbai.

And, pavement dwellers seem to have a communication system better than Ant's, thanks mostly to the cheap communication revolution in India. A few weeks back, I saw a few pavement dweller setting up open homes on my way home from work. Next day some more families arrived and in about a week, the whole stretch if the pavement has been filled, I guess they are waiting before they set up a slum somewhere nearby or maybe they are waiting till the time it is decided whose votebank will they become. And BTW, they eat pretty wel though. I saw one family cleaning Chicken a few days back. Not to mention that when a lady approached me, baby in her arms to beg one Hijra quickly moved in to shoo her away. No trespassing...

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Blogger Rita said...

Hi Anthony,
This is terrible! We are killing animals for food, medicines, hide, fur, ivory and what not. We are truly trying our best to destroy the eco balance of our planet.

25/10/05 5:18 PM  
Anonymous andy said...

hey ya..
apologies for not responding earlier, been a little busy and it slipped my mind.
but no good news anyways!!.. i never knew gandalf in person anyways, and it been ages since i visited him blog!! i wasnt even aware i was linked there..:P
hope you are able to find his whereabouts!!

25/10/05 6:34 PM  
Anonymous andy said...

ok...:| one too many wierd typos in that post!!.. correction-->> i never knew gandalf in person , and its been ages since i visited HIS blog!! sheesh.. my typings screwed, looks like im getting too used to the MS word grammatic and spelling correction function thingy!!

25/10/05 6:37 PM  
Blogger silverine said...

Hi, Thanks for dropping by my blog and your comments :)
The illegal immigrant scenario is very frightening and will backfire on us very viciously if not checked :(

25/10/05 6:48 PM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Anthony, you're from Manipur? I'm absolutely fascinated with your state! My big regret is not making it to Manipur when my mother visited many years ago. I do have a Manipuri shawl to show for her visit :)!

I'll check your blog for stuff about Manipur, and if there isn't enough, I shall badger you to write more. Especially about pung cholom, please, please!

26/10/05 9:08 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

@Thalassa_mikra, I will surely write about them an once started i could carry on and on, only I get caried away sometimes and tend to write stuff that are not digested by some poeple and we still live in troubled times.. The IIPMs there don't send notarised email but its direct threat of a bullet.. I had a anonymous blog once, i had to close down coz I was scared the IP might betracked LOL... I am much more sueful alive than death.. But of course, I shall write but with care.....lest its not similar with the other writer....
@Andy..no sweat.. i was just checking out the blogs on gandalf's roll..anyway welcome here

@Silverine, the immigranmt scenario is already backfiring, the population of immigrants is already more than the natives in Assam and are majority ion most constituencies..

@Rita Thx for dropping by

26/10/05 9:34 AM  
Blogger duttan said...

hi anthony!

thank you for commenting on my blog.

a firewire to USB2.0 convertor would be ideal.

Here's a link. :-)


I think this is what u r looking for. But its expensive....

26/10/05 9:38 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

phew.. 130 dollars... will have bro send it :-)

26/10/05 10:15 AM  
Anonymous Gemini Girl said...

hi anthony, hmmmm theres a link i dun remem right now that gives u any link betn any two things.... :)

26/10/05 2:52 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

Will surely try to find it..

26/10/05 3:10 PM  

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