Monday, October 24, 2005

AOL-Weblogs Inc Continued

Just added a footnote to my morning post( read post written in the night and posted in the morning due to connection error at residence) a few hours back.. Its regarding the "AOL just bought a blog" Deal. Yes, a blog, well a blog farm, was bought for 25 Mil Dollars. Not a huge Amount, but it was a blog afterall, not that Blogs aren't great, I only wish it were greater... Had it been the lated 90's, it could have fetched $250 Million but we are in less greedier times now.

Now Why Am I posting this. Well I don't have much work at present. Just Been alloted to a new project and shall be free for a little more time before the project starts. And I happen to come across this amazing little plaything called How much is your blog worth . Based on the valuation of the weblogsinc deal, A valuation can be found for your blog. its very interesting, click the link and see.

I played with the thing for sometime. Keyed in some rather famous Indi blogs.. And since IIPM has been the talk of the town, and the blogs of Gaurav Sabnis and Rashmi Bansal were amongst the most linked blogs, they were pretty attractively valued. The valuation was arrived at by calculating how many websites are linked to your blog, much like google pagerank.

Was just playing around :-)

Gaurav Sabnis is worth $ 204,928
Rashmi Bansal - $118,553.40
Kiruba at $176,136.48
Lazygeek at $134,360.52
Sidin at $72,261.12
K at $16,371

I don't Know why Kaps was valued at 0.0, Maybe I typed wrong or something wrong with technorati as kaps pointed out.. San=mbharmafia is one of the most linked Indiblogs.. Try who wholinkstome from his page

Try for yourself and enjoy.. they even have a Pic that could be displayed at the Blog.. Find how much is your blog worth now Click here to find out.

I couldn't stop fooling around with the how much is ur blog worth, so here goes some more

Anita Bora at $88,068

Interestingly Pallavi's old blog is at $49,114.98 where as the Her new Blog, which is yet to be linked is at $6774.8

If we apply the same to normal websites and other protals, even
Rediff is only valued at less than a million at $921,893.82
while Google is at less than 100Millions at $99,720,910.14

Not that they are related.. Just playing around...

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Blogger Kaps said...

the value is generated based on Technorati and if the technorati search is not working properly, the blog's valuation will not be displayed. this is one the reasons that I can think of.

BTW, hv updated my blogroll. thks for pointing out.

24/10/05 6:21 PM  
Anonymous Girl said...

hey wow how do I find how much is my blog worth? Thx for the visit at my blog! Nice quote of the day :D

25/10/05 12:59 AM  
Blogger manuscrypts said...

that was a neat link :)

25/10/05 12:18 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

@girl, rediffblogs seem to have not much value.. most rediffblogs show 0.0 $ value

thnx for dropping by manuscrypts

25/10/05 12:37 PM  
Blogger r r said...

:( i am at 0 hehe

btw, how the heck does this blogroll thing work? ive seen it on many pages but i am yet to sort it out.

25/10/05 8:54 PM  

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