Saturday, November 12, 2005

Californian Gold Rush

In the Californian Gold Rush,(not the movie in the link) , it is often said the only People who made money were not the miners but the ones selling shovels and picks.

Same thing happened in the second Californian rush, only this time it was a rush for something called Dot com. This time again, while most of the people were busy looking for the mother lode, it was the network equipment makers like Cisco that made some good money.

Well, I was going to apply that to Blogging.
Wait! I am not implying that there is a gold rush happening in blogosphere. Everybody knows that there is very little money to be made from blogging by blogging. Ok, I had written about some blogs starting to make money a few months back when Aol bought weblogs inc for 25 milllion$. But then, weblogs was a "blog farm" with multiple blogs and multiple contributers. But individual contributers making real money is far and wide, ask IndiaUncut, if you don't believe me. In fact, leave blog aside, even online only publications(OOP) struggle, again ask IndiaUncut, but of course there is the story of semi blog site which was bought by NYTimes for 410 Million dollars.
But individual blogs mostly makes money from google adsense and some banner ads and well, it will hardly buy you that yatch. There are a few very famous bloggers who even do endorsements, like I mentioned yesterday here. But all these are far and wide.

And I am not implying that blogging is another gold rush. In fact it is the opposite, everybody only wished if blogging generated some money. But since Blogging as a phenomenon has been spreading like wildfire and still so, the shovel and pick seller applies. People are already made money selling Blogging tools and related softwares. The very Blogger I am using was sold by Pyra labs to google, Yahoo bought Flickr, and Ben and Mena trott of six apart are already a big name and if they were to sell out now, I won't be surprised if they are richer by a Billion dollars, what with 10 million users and bloggers are much more valuable than email users or skype users, since each blogger will come with its little fan following making.

I know I am an awful writer, and if brevity is the soul of the wit, then I am a buffoon because I have a few more lines to finish what I want to convey. Take some rest ;-)

Well I only want free lance web designers to start designing templates.
Goes for everyone who wants to make a little money from designing templates.
With thousands of new bloggers addin up everyday, template designers will have a field day and at least make more money than most very good bloggers.

Yesterday I was fiddling with my template and did a google on templates.
Most template designers have but a few templates on their single page websites usually a blog.
Now, when someone uses your template, the template has a link to your site and as more people start using ur template, the google page rank of your site goes up.
On your site, the google adsense will show ads mostly relating to blogging like counters and other templates and so it is very likely that there will be many clickthroughs to the google ads since everyone visiting your site would most likely be looking for tools used in blogging other than templates.
So every new user of your template increases your chance of a little google ad revenue.
Not a million dollar idea but if you are a webdesigner already, you only need to design about 10 good templates and just wait. You don't even have to update like bloggers do. And it will be like earning through a royalty. the template user won't be paying but more user, more clicks to the ads. I have a very bad sense of aesthetics, but you out there, you could just try it. So go try desinging that template, it can't be so hard and hey It won't be such a bad idea.

PS: Forgot to mention about belle de jour, the london call girl who writes her sexual escapades. She made headlines when she was reported offered a 6 figure advance for a book version of her blog. Oldtimers must remember her.

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Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm going to have to read this through again to understand the business of templates. I signed up for AdSense because I thought: "Oh, why not." It's a bit like playing the lottery which I never do.

So many people lost their shorts to the online business, and they found it hard to get back into the mainstream because American corporations weren't really looking for their services. We have a myth here of the self-made individual which is now practically a thing of the past. Now people put their money into franchises like Subway and the like. They work incredibly long hours, and unless their families work with them, they never see each other.

Thanks for your comments. I linked your blog to mine. I want to keep visiting!

12/11/05 7:39 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

Thnx for the nice word and linking me. Will reciprocate..

12/11/05 8:15 PM  
Blogger sebia said...

hulo hulo..sorry tried to read ur post..but my braincells just nt wrking, the infinity 1:(so was playing inni minni myna comment or let go..
nice cartoon:)

13/11/05 3:17 PM  
Blogger aquamarine said...

yep, i totally agree with enemy of the republic. '

Even in INdia, people have started taking advantage of a health consciousness community, so lots of spas, gyms, springing up and there are heavy stakes here. This includes the food business as well.


14/11/05 4:30 PM  
Blogger Vaga Bond said...

Aha! So you know and have met A. Adilabadi AND A. Jalalabadi too! I've had to suffer the flick so may times over. Compulsively. Obsessively. :-).

PS: I never told anyoneone my spilling was not twisted.

14/11/05 6:32 PM  

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