Thursday, November 24, 2005

Let the PSUs so Rot that the Left will want to divest them

Gaurav's Follow up post after IOCL employees' threat to the Indian Govt.
They want the govt to scrap "the 2005 guidelines which place the entire responsibility of controlling adulteration on sales officers of oil companies" Immediately. Suddenly they felt it was too dangerous a task! On hindsight they also want the Killers arrested. Instead of seeking for a change in the system, This is what was to be expected of them. Nothing wrong, we all do it. It is because the real issue will not be answered, and what is the point fighting a losing battle. For what they should have been asking, read Gaurav's post for more.

For now, I would like to continue on my last post, about taking accountability.. Like most of us, I am also confused and frustrated with the system. And a system overhaul?? its a long way away.
Can we actually change the system by being in the system. It may not be impossible but it don't seem possible either. You either get killed or you yourself might get changed.

But, I have a simple theory. I call it spillover effect, I don't remember if I read it somewhere or It was my thought. This is after I analyzed the economies of places like the North East or Bihar. Since the system is irreparably bad, and the only way to overhaul maybe like "Nirav commented" the Nayak(Anil kapoor starrer) way, is far from possible, I feel all we can do is wait and watch and just let the growing islands of Excellence like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi grow and grow so fast their development gets spilled over to other underdeveloped areas. Exactly what I felt when SM Krisna and Chandrababu Naidu lost. The rural areas would have been developed, as long as there was and engine to fuel them.

If India develops into an economic super power, how long can Bihar remain impoverished. India just won't allow. Not the best solution, but we have nothing else that seems working. By trying to choke the growth of excelling islands of excellence, and diverting the fund to other less develop areas just because there are votes, we are doing exactly the way a sick company is run.
A company, by cutting jobs increases profitability which can be plowed back into the company to expand it further and then reabsorb the employees. But if the company retains the extra fat, they only eat up the profit that could have been used to expand the company and grow. So the company get sicker and sicker until it is too late and collapses..

Is it related to the issue of Manjunathan?
The issue of corruption?

In principal yes.
Corruption will always exists as long as there are people who are willing to pay a bribe.
It is very difficult to change a mindset huh!
Had Gandhijee been alive, he would have called for a hunger strike, but who would listen If I went on a hunger strike. Even OSOA knows it, and they didn't even gave a try. And please, there are hundreds of employees of PSUs who are honest. in fact there are very few corrupt PSU officers believe me, and today PSUs work even harder or as hard as most private sector employees. It is just a select few who are corrupt, with many who are willing to pay.
But is corruption in the oil sector bad?

My weird reasoning suddenly says No. It is in fact good, maybe it is my crazy habit of seeing a good side to everything. I suddenly think IOC and other PSUs should be so corrupt, they all become sick and start making losses. At least, the left won't object to their divestment. The Left have objecting divestments of profit making Ratnas. Let the company so rot, that even the govt. want to part with them and let the private run them. This is a plausible solution.

And why should talented people go and work in such corrupt organizations, yes, there are lots of talented people working for the PSUs, instead of trying to change the system they should just let themselves be selected by the market and work where the system is transparent. Market will automatically drive corruption into extinction. Weird reasoning but, do we have a better choice? I have seen many people who try to change the system, by being in the system. It just doesn't work. They either become so frustrated or get snubbed.
Just let the PSUs rot and when they are sick, the private players will take them over and by way of the spill over effect from the private players, they will excel again. Corruption will just fade away. Is there any other way.

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Blogger anks said...

hi, new look!!! read ur readers digest post...... so true!

24/11/05 1:01 PM  
Blogger Fursat said...

thank God u changed the template...its much better..good one :)

24/11/05 5:03 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

@ Anks.. I had actually chosen this template for my wordpres.. when i saw that this could be uploaded into fact this templet has become quite common in the last few weeks;-))

@ neetie,, thx neetei.. long time u didn't leave a comment...

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