Friday, November 25, 2005

Remembering Manjunath

There is blog here, remembering Manjunath, a blog created for remembering Machan and to try that his death was not in vain. The blog is also keeping up-to-date about the various media coverages. And the prime minister petitioned to take the matter in hand.

This matter sure needs the Prime Ministerial and Presidential intervention. In developed countries, wherever a servant of the govt., or a federal employee is murdered, the whole government machinery wakes up to a vendetta. Nobody dares Kill a State servant get away. Killing of the employee of a PSU, on lines of duty of the government, is a direct slap to the face of the government. The government must wake up to it. This cannot be taken as a case in isolation, rather very stringent measures should be targeted againts adulterators.

Adulterated fuel, besides being fatal to Honest Sales Managers, is also very fatal to other Indian citizens as well. Adulterated fuel besides reducing efficiency, is the major cause of environmental pollution which will kill many more people in years to come. And of course, they are cheating the goverment outright by mixing taxed Petrol with untaxed Kerosene meant for the BPL.

If we wish that the death of Manjunath was not in vain, the government must take this issue with utmost sincerity. If a few hundred deaths by terrrorist act is a matter of national security, so is the death of an officer doing his duty, and so are the thousands who might fall prey to pollution.

Sign the petition by visiting the blog Remembering Manjunath.

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